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BHS Staff

Harmony Hall Headquarters Staff

Main Phone: (800) 876.7464

Front Desk Phone: (615) 823.3993


Interim CEO/Executive Director's Office

Steve Denino
Interim CEO / Executive Director

Robyn Chancey
Executive Assistant to the CEO
Ext. 2630

Copyright & Music Publications

Janice Bane
Senior Manager, Copyright

Customer Service

Luke Miller
Customer Service Manager

Danny Becker
Community Care Coordinator

Douglas Gordon
Receptionist/Building Maintenance

Sean Lubbers
Community Care Coordinator

Erin Wipperman

Community Care Coordinator

Events & Conventions

Dusty Schleier
Director of Events & Conventions

Chad Bennett

Show Production Manager

Finance & Operations

Erik Dove
Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Jama Clinard
Controller & HR Manager

Nick Anello
Finance Administrator

Harmony Marketplace

Marketing & Communications

Devin Anna Bradford
Director of Marketing & Communications

Eddie Holt
Digital Media Manager

Brian Lynch
Public Relations Manager

Music Education

Steve Scott
Music Educator

Information Technology

Sarah Baxter
Salesforce Administrator

Sam Hoover
IT Manager

Programs, Impact, & Relationship Management

Joe Cerutti
Director of Leadership Engagement

Dan Rohovit
Singing Community Program Manager