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Member Center: 2020 Upgrade

Have you heard? We’re making plans to improve Member Center!

A Member Center face lift: new look, new features!

BHS staff and a team of volunteers are working with partners Cloud for Good and Salesforce Community Cloud to improve the functionality and user experience of Member Center.

Since the launch of Member Center in July 2017, we have been logging feature requests from chapter and district leaders, members, and other volunteers that lead our local singing communities. These requests have come to us in a variety of ways: through forms in Member Center, calls to customer service, and conversations that staff have had with volunteer leaders and other tech-savvy members.

Some of those features have been rolled out in updates throughout the past few years, but we knew we had many golden ideas waiting in that list that needed to be addressed. In the planning stages of this major update, we were able to go through each individual piece of feedback and distill the major themes as well as define specific pain points that we wanted to address.

In fact, technology upgrades are an integral part of our Strategic Plan, so it was important to have as much input “from the field” as possible. We’ve engaged a number of non-staff volunteers to help us with requirements and testing. In addition, our customer service team has been heavily involved in the design discussions as they are frequently chatting with chapter leaders and other members, helping them with any issues they might run across in Member Center.

When will I notice a change?

We're aiming to roll out the new improvements in late 2020. We’ll keep this page updated as things progress.

What does this mean for me and my chapter or singing community?

Our ultimate goal is to make Member Center easier to use for leaders and members. We’re also expanding the choices you’ll have for membership payments and more features that will help you barbershop your way.

Singing community and volunteer leaders will now have access to:

  • More robust reporting options to help you manage your roster
  • Chatter groups: similar to a social media chat group, Chatter groups will allow community leaders to correspond with boards, committees, and more all in one place

Plus, everyone will get:

  • Access from your desktop, tablet, or cell phone
  • Easier and more intuitive account access, where you'll be able to update your contact information, view your subscription status and groups, access your membership card, set your privacy settings, view past payment records, and more.

IMPORTANT: When logging into our upgraded Member Center for the first time, you will be asked to reset your password.

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    We’ll guide you every step of the way!

    We’ll continue to update this page with How-To docs and instructions to help you get started. Stay tuned!