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New Member Center: How to Update/Reset Your Password

How to Update or Reset your Password in the New Member Center

On your first time logging in to our updated Member Center you will be required to reset your password. You can also update your password as regularly as you would like.

Step 1: Navigate to Member Center

Begin by visiting the Member Center at* The first thing you will now see is the Log-in Screen:

Step 2: Click "Forget Your Password?"

On this screen, please click "Forgot your password?" under the log in button. That will take you to the password reset page:

Step 3: Enter your email address

Enter the email that is associated with your BHS membership. Be sure to double-check that it is the correct email address and that it is spelled correctly.

Step 4: Check your email

Check your email box for an email from the Member Center:

Step 5: Navigate back to Member Center

Click the link in this email to be brought back to the member center website. You should now be able to enter a password for your Member Center account.

Step 6: Create a new password

Be sure to follow the rules when setting a password. Your password must have 8 characters, with at least 1 letter and 1 number. You also may not use a past password associated with your account in the updated member center (passwords used previously to this update will be allowed).

Note: You may need to wait a few minutes to receive the email in your inbox. Be sure to check your spam filters to see if it landed there. If after 5 minutes you did not receive an email, it may be due to two things:

  • You misspelled your email, had a space at the beginning or end, or there was an error with the page when submitting.
  • The email you submitted is not associated with any account in the Member Center.

If you believe that the email is wrong on your account, please contact Customer Service to have this corrected.

Have questions or need additional assistance?

For assistance, contact our Customer Service Team at 800-876-SING (7464) or