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See what fellow Barbershoppers are saying about Eventbrite.

Here are a few BHS choruses and districts using Eventbrite:

  • Sound of The Rockies
  • Music City Chorus
  • Heralds of Harmony
  • Northwest Sounds Men’s Chorus
  • Voices of Gotham
  • Sound of Tennessee
  • Denver MountainAires
  • Cardinal District
  • Dixie District
  • Evergreen District
  • Illinois District
  • Johnny Appleseed District
  • Northeastern District
  • Rocky Mountain District
  • Sunshine District

“It was quick and painless, I got a response within 24 hours, and that was that. Eventbrite customer service is really bar none awesome ... the fees dwarf what we'd have been charged had we gone with Ticketmaster.”

– Chuck Steiner, Sunshine District

“The Denver MountainAires already had an existing Eventbrite account. Signing up for the additional BHS discount was easy. Eventbrite features I like:

  • Easy bimonthly payments to us with ACH transfer into our checking account.
  • Easy creation of user-friendly ticket sales websites.
  • Great widgets to add advertisements and ticket purchase capability directly on our Denver MountainAires website and social media.
  • Eventbrite makes our events and ticket sales webpages very searchable on the net (Google, Bing, etc.)”

– Ralph Paul, Denver MountainAires

"Eventbrite worked very well for us and simplified our efforts significantly. Thank you once more for enabling us!"

-Simone Knoop, BinG! Harmony College Event Manager

"I was working on a seating chart for a convention at 10:30 one night, and suddenly needed help. So I called support and, to my surprise, someone answered. They walked us through that first venue seating chart all the way. The client support experience has been far superior to anyone else in the business."

– Dusty Schleier, Director of Meetings & Conventions, Barbershop Harmony Society

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