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Premium-level features at a special low rate.

BHS continuously strives to provide value to all our chapters and districts at the local level. By leveraging the buying power of our entire BHS membership, we have negotiated a great deal with Eventbrite, better than anything we could have secured individually!

With our special BHS Eventbrite Package, you get all their Premium-level features at virtually the same low rate as their entry-level Essentials package!

  • No out-of-pocket or upfront costs.
  • Free ticket events are always free, with zero fees.
  • Paid tickets have the option to either ‘absorb’ ticket fees, or pass them along to buyers.
  • Our BHS Premium-level Package fees (per Ticket) are:
    • USD: 1% of ticket price plus .99/ ticket up to a maximum fee of $5.95/ticket. (Compared to market rate of a 3.5% of ticket price plus $1.59/ticket and no maximum fee)
    • CAD: $0.60 flat fee, 2.1% service fee, 2.5% credit card processing fee, $7.85 max. fee cap.
    • EUR: $0.99 flat fee, 3.5% service fee.

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