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Create your Eventbrite Account

1) Create your Eventbrite Account

  • Note: Please do not create an event page until you've received confirmation of your discounted fees being set.
  • Tip: Use an administrative email address that will remain the same regardless of your current officers, to ease future transitions of responsibility.
  • Click here to create your Eventbrite account. Then enter the email address, first and last name of your current Eventbrite administrator, and create a password.
  • Now you can setup your Organizer Profile and Account Settings (found in your account menu), as mentioned in the Account Setup Video.

2) Link to our special BHS-Eventbrite Package for discounted pricing

  • Please fill out this Form so that Eventbrite can link your new account to our special BHS-Eventbrite Package.
  • Please allow 3 days for Eventbrite to complete this manual step. You will receive a confirmation email when this step has been completed.
  • Please do not create an event page until AFTER you have received the confirmation email.

Create an Event

  • Sales Tax Exemption and Nonprofit Status: If the location of your Event is within a jurisdiction which mandates that Eventbrite administers a sales tax, you will be prompted during the creation of your Event (under Tax Settings) to select whether you have nonprofit status, and instructed to send Eventbrite your documentation. See this link for more details, and the list of affected jurisdictions.

Best Practices and Tips

Check out these blogs for additional tips and best practices for creating a top-notch barbershop event in Eventbrite!

Need Help?

If you run into any issues, check out these helpful Eventbrite tools:

Chat Support**:

The best way to receive help is through Eventbrite's chat function. To access the chat, log into your Eventbrite account, then go to the "Contact Us" page. Chat is available 24/7.

View Eventbrite Support Page.

** When contacting support, remember to provide your name and the MAIN EMAIL ADDRESS associated with your Eventbrite account (not a sub-user email address).

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