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Watch all the contest action in Louisville - live and later!

Have it your way — as it happens, immediately following, or at times and prices that fit your schedule and budget. Four great ways to see the biggest show in barbershop!

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Livestream the contest as it happens • just $99

July 4–9 • See full contest schedules

See it all live, on any device! Don’t be the person saying, “What happened?” when you can see and hear it all at home, at work, or under a shade tree.

  • Full chord-by-chord coverage of every performance as it happens.

  • In-session scroll-back to catch performances you missed

  • Post-stage interviews and shout-outs with contestants, with your hosts, Debbie Cleveland and Rick Taylor

  • Includes full Livestream replay for two weeks beginning July 11

See all the contests

  • International Quartet Contest— three rounds in six sessions

  • International Chorus Contest — single round in three sessions

  • Next Generation Barbershop Varsity Quartet Contest finals — single round

  • Single sessions and daypasses available

  • Note: AIC Show sold/streamed separately.

Replay the full coverage for 2 weeks • $39

July 11–25 • Purchased separately — FREE for Livestream subscribers.

See everything you missed if you were on stage yourself!

  • Full on-demand replay of all contest sessions

  • Includes all stage activities and hosted segments

  • FREE for guests who purchased the Livestream

BHS YouTube Membership Rolling Releases • $7.99/month

Releases begin August 2 • Subscription purchased separately

NEW! As part of the new BHS YouTube Channel Membership, get early access to the 2023 individual performances as they are released. Get exclusive access to new videos at least a month before their free release

  • Rolling release — more than two hours of videos every month, with bonus content from the BHS Archives

  • ONLINE PREMIERES of the Quartet and Chorus Festival performances — not previously included in Livestream or replays

  • All contest performances premiered to BHS YouTube Membership Subscribers by October 31

Cancel anytime! YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium subscribers can cancel, pause, or resume at any point during their paid membership.

YouTube free viewing on demand

Releases beginning October 8

Keep the whole world learning more about barbershop!

  • No charge!

  • Easy to watch on any YouTube-capable device

  • Easy to share

  • All content available perpetually

  • All contest performances released starting October 8 steadily through the following weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share these videos with my friends and family who were unable to attend?

It’s not possible for multiple viewers to use the same login information, but with a price so low, encourage your friends and family to purchase a subscription and experience barbershop from the comfort of their own homes!

Will the Livestream include hosts, interviews, shout-outs, and so forth?

Yes! — and you can relive all that fun in the Livestream Replay for the two weeks following. We’re glad to welcome back Debbie Cleveland and Rick Taylor, who have been popular, knowledgeable and engaging hosts for many previous events.

How can I watch the Chorus and Quartet Festival?

The Livestream (and Livestream Replay) consists of events in the main venue, the KFC YUM! Center, and includes the 2023 International Chorus Contest, 2023 International Quartet Contest and Varsity Quartet Contest .

Performances from the Chorus and Quartet Festival will be premiered in the BHS YouTube Membership Channel in August/September, and in YouTube free releases beginning in October.

Will the Livestream include Harmony U classes?

No. Come to Louisville, or to Harmony University in New Orleans!

What other material will be included in the BHS YouTube Membership?

Thanks to the support of donors to BHS preservation activities, the Society has many hours of past events still unreleased. We will continue releasing these as free content, but BHS YouTube Membership subscribers will have early access to materials as it releases.

Why isn’t everything free immediately?

This staged release balances the revenue that supports BHS programs with viewer demand and a desire to make the best in barbershop available to the broad world for years to come.

This video release plan offers viewers multiple options, at various price points that fit varying degrees of demand, schedules, and budgets.

  • Some viewers urgently want to see everything as it happens.

  • Some viewers have schedules that accommodate 25 hours to watch the replay in two weeks.

  • Some are glad to have a low-cost option that still delivers content sooner than in years past.

  • Some viewers will dip into whatever is free whenever it becomes free.

  • You get to choose.

By comparison: you can watch a superhero blockbuster in the theaters on release day; or wait for it to come to premium paid streaming services; or wait for it to replay endlessly on free TV. Your sense of urgency and budget determine your choice.