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Junior Quartet Challenge

2021 Virtual Junior Quartet Challenge

Put your barbershop knowledge to use this fall! The 2021 Virtual Junior Quartet Challenge offers a safe and free way for young singers to sharpen their close-harmony skills.

With the reimagination of the 2021 Midwinter Convention in January 2021, the Barbershop Harmony Society is offering an alternative singing opportunity for junior quartets and an option for music educators to include in their virtual classroom. We're introducing the 2021 Virtual Junior Quartet Challenge!

This FREE event is open to ALL quartets of any gender with members aged 18 + under.

The quartet with the most Audience Favorite votes will have their video featured at the Barbershop Harmony Society Virtual Midwinter Show in January 2021!

How does it work?

Junior quartets (18 & under) will submit a virtual quartet performance during the submission window: September 1 - December 15, 2020.

  1. Learn a four-part barbershop song by memory. Not sure what to pick? Here is a list of suggestions plus additional songs performed by past participants.
  2. Record a virtual video of your quartet*. Be creative; Have fun with it!
    1. Not sure what we mean? Here's a great example of a virtual quartet performance.
    2. *We do not encourage quartets to rehearse or perform together in person. This contest is for virtual participation only.
  3. Upload your quartet video on YouTube as public or unlisted.
  4. Submit your video link through this form between September 1 - December 15, 2020.
  5. Viewers will vote for their top five favorite quartet videos during the voting window: January 1 - January 17, 2021.
  6. The top 5 videos will be polled for an Audience Favorite, with the winner announced at the 2021 Virtual Midwinter Convention!

Challenge Eligibility + Rules

  1. The challenge is open to quartets of all gender classification (men’s, women's, and mixed). All singers must be 18 years of age or under. Participants are not required to be members of the Barbershop Harmony Society.
  2. Participants will submit a virtual video of one barbershop arrangement performed by the quartet. Live performances or performances with an audience will not be accepted, due to the current health risk associated with gathering in groups. Not sure what we mean? Here's a great example of a virtual quartet performance. If you need help choosing a song, take a look at this list of recommendations and additional songs performed by past participants.

Coach with the Champs

Our 2019 (The Quin-tones) and 2020 (Singing Double) Next Generation Junior Varsity Quartet Champions are offering a once-in-a-lifetime coaching experience for each participating quartet! Each voice part of both of their quartets will privately coach each voice part of your quartet!

Be sure to submit your coaching request by December 1, 2020, to ensure a coaching slot before the December 15, 2020 challenge submission deadline!

Build your barbershop know-how

Whether you're new to barbershop or you've been singing in close harmony for years, there's always more to learn!

Our educational resources abound: from the basics of our music to the roots of barbershop harmony, from our video series, "What Makes it Barbershop?" to our online learning opportunities, this uniquely-American art-form can open new doors for teachers and students alike.


Contact for more information.