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Junior Choruses

A premier destination event for high school age choruses

A unique opportunity for youth choruses to sing for enthusiastic audiences of vocal music fans at the annual Midwinter convention. Now accepting applications for the 2023 Junior Chorus Invitational! Daytona Beach, FL | February 7 - 12, 2023

About the Junior Chorus Invitational

The Next Generation Barbershop Junior Chorus Invitational gives your chorus the perfect mixture of fun, education, and opportunity for recognition and achievement, with some of the costs subsidized by your host!

We invite your men's, women's, and mixed voice choruses with members aged 18 and under to join us at our annual Midwinter Convention, hosted in a different U.S. city every January!

2022 Midwinter Convention

Pasadena, California | January 11 - 16, 2022

Don't miss the premiere of 9 original songs at the 2022 Junior Chorus Invitational!

We're connecting three of our participating Junior Choruses to expert barbershop songwriters and arrangers for this event! Each junior chorus is working with a songwriter from the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) to tailor three songs based on a subject and style with which the ensemble most closely identifies.

Once the songs are complete, an arranger is partnered to work with the junior chorus to develop three completely original barbershop songs - debuting at the 2022 Midwinter Convention Junior Chorus Invitational!

PLUS: Keep an eye out for the new arrangements in the BHS Marketplace next year!

Participants include:

Anna Coyotes | Anna, TX

  • Daniel Rohovit - Director
  • Alex Ruwe - Songwriter
  • Wayne Grimmer - Arranger

Here Comes Treble | Burlington, WI

  • Penny Yanke - Director
  • Dewey Longuski - Songwriter
  • Larry Triplett - Arranger

Columbus High School | Columbus, NE

  • Jacob Ritter - Director
  • Niki Smart - Songwriter
  • Robert Rund - Arranger

Don’t just show up and sing– show up and dive deep

Every chorus sings for adjudication and plateau recognition, but the depth of learning comes in individual coaching and group clinics.

World-class clinicians such as Kirby Shaw, Deke Sharon (music director of the Pitch Perfect movies), ACDA Executive Director Dr. Tim Sharp, and Choir of the World Champions Westminster Chorus lead the combined choruses in workshops to develop a great ensemble sound, culminating in a command performance that caps the convention week. Singers come back energized and performing better!

Upcoming Opportunities & Deadlines

The application deadline to participate in the 2022 Midwinter Convention has now passed.

2023 Midwinter Convention

Daytona Beach, FL | February 7 - 12, 2023

Our next application will be open August 1, 2021 for our 2023 Junior Chorus Invitational in Daytona Beach!

The Basics

Why students & chorus directors love this festival

  • AFFORDABLE: Convention registration is free ($189 per person value!), including attendance to high-production evening shows featuring the best barbershoppers from around the country.
  • ICONIC VENUES: Students perform on stage in outstanding, memorable venues.
  • LARGE AUDIENCES: Guaranteed audiences of over 2,000 adult a cappella enthusiasts (simultaneously attending their own annual Midwinter convention)!
  • HIGH PRODUCTION VALUE: Multi-camera performance videos, with professional stage lighting and audio.
  • PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS: Performances are adjudicated by certified BHS judges, and then each chorus and director receive a detailed debrief of their performance by a member of the adjudication panel.
  • EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING: Clinician-led workshops by nationally recognized experts.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS: Financial assistance is available to schools, based on need, to help offset their travel and lodging costs.

Your Costs

  • REGISTRATION FEE: Invited choruses pay a flat $300 chorus registration fee.
  • FOOD, TRAVEL, and LODGING: Each chorus is responsible for their own food, travel, and lodging.


  • All singers must be 18 years of age or under at the time of the Midwinter event in January.
  • Any singer age 19 years of age or above will not be allowed to participate as a singer in the Midwinter Event.
  • Each chorus must pay a $300 chorus registration fee.
  • Each chorus will receive a complimentary registration for each singer and one chorus director.
  • Membership with the Society is not required for the singers or director.
  • The chorus must be able to attend the entire event arriving on Thursday and departing on Sunday.
  • Choruses are responsible for their own travel and accommodations incurred while participating in the invitational including food, hotel and other expenses.

Entry & Qualification

  • -Choruses must have their chorus names approved so as not to conflict with names already selected and reserved by registered BHS chapters or other Junior Chorus Invitational participants.
  • -Due to the extreme demand for the festival, we welcome all applicants to record a video demonstrating why they should be considered for invitation. Our targeted mix of invited choruses is:
    • 5 Young Women’s Choruses
    • 5 Mixed Gender Choruses
    • 10 Young Men’s Choruses
  • -August 1 – February 1: Interested choruses can submit their ensemble for consideration
  • -April 15: Deadline for invited choruses to register. Choruses may be invited after the April 15 deadline to fill in possible slot opening(s).
  • -All choruses are required to participate in a pre-event and post-event survey.
  • -All video/photo/audio submitted will be owned and used without restriction by BHS.


  • -Each chorus will be adjudicated on three songs. Two of the three songs must be contestable by BHS Contest and Judging (hereinafter C&J) standards (refer to the Suggested Song List, or contact the BHS with questions). The third selection can be any song sung a cappella with any number of voice parts, may be in a foreign language, and vocal percussion is permitted. No instrumentation is allowed for any of the three song selections. Certified BHS judges will be adjudicating according to BHS C&J rules (with allowances for the third selection)
  • -All arrangements performed by choruses must be obtained in accordance with international and USA copyright law. Further information may be found here: Copyright Basics For Barbershoppers
  • -Singers may NOT sing with more than one junior chorus.
  • -Plateau Awards will based on chorus size:
    • A Less than 20 singers
    • AA 21 – 40 singers
    • AAA Over 40 singers
  • -Each chorus will be required to learn 2 songs to be sung at the Saturday Night Spectacular:
    • 1 song for all men
    • 1 song for all women
    • 1 song for mixed

Barbershop Style & Suggested Songs

  • Basic characteristics of barbershop harmony:
    • -Four unaccompanied voices.
    • -Melody in the second voice down (lead, or second tenor). The melody lies within the good quality range for the average lead singer and is free of awkward skips that make it difficult to sing accurately.
    • -Consonant four-part chords on all notes of the melody, almost completely in root position and second inversion.
    • -Easily understandable lyrics that are in good taste.
  • A chief characteristic of the barbershop style is its wholesome, “G-rated” entertainment values. Forfeiture, though, may result from one or all judges for:
    • -Anyone other than chorus members or the director appearing on stage during the performance.
    • -Actions by any contestant that are deemed suggestive, vulgar, or otherwise not in good taste, as determined by acceptable, contemporary community standards. The two songs in the barbershop style must not be either primarily patriotic or primarily religious in intent. The third song may be from any genre, as long as it is performed a cappella.
    • -Any spoken words deemed excessive or detrimental to the performance. Participating choruses should not introduce their selections.
    • -Use of contestant’s own electronic sound equipment.
    • -Instrumental accompaniment, including instrumental introductions, interludes, or conclusions.

What music should your ensemble sing?

Click here for detailed FAQs on what makes songs suitable for contest and how songs can be adapted for a wide range of voices.

Judging Criteria

  • -Each chorus will receive a score in three categories (Singing, Music, and Presentation, according to BHS C&J Rules) All participating choruses will be awarded a rating based on the overall score from the judging panel.
  • -Rating Criteria:
    • Good: <13 (<61 on BHS 100 point scale)
    • Excellent: 13 to <17 (61 to <68 on BHS 100 point scale)
    • Outstanding: 17 to <21 (68 to <75 on BHS 100 point scale)
    • Superior: >21 (>75 on BHS 100 point scale)
  • -Each junior chorus will receive scores based on a 30 point scale (converted from the standard BHS 100-point scale). Should your junior chorus be interested on how your score converts to the BHS 100-point scale, this information can be provided to you after the festival by requesting the conversion from
  • -Each participating chorus will be assigned into a category termed “plateau”. The plateau to which each chorus is assigned will be based on the number of the singers in the chorus. “Plateau A” will be the designation for choruses with a 20 or less singers. “Plateau AA” will be the designation for choruses with 21-40 singers. “Plateau AAA” will be the designation for choruses with over 40 singers.


View our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact for more information.