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Open Chorus Festival

Open Chorus Festival • July 4, 2024 • Cleveland, Ohio

NEW! Welcoming choruses of all kinds to experience barbershop culture and music.

The Alliance Chorus • 2023 Festival
The Alliance Chorus • 2023 Festival

The International Chorus Festival is a unique opportunity for performing groups to enjoy a big stage and enthusiastic audience for fun and non-competitive evaluation.

The Chorus Festival is open to ALL performers, regardless of affiliation or gender. No qualifying events required. Space is limited to 15 choruses, so don’t delay!

Each group will perform two songs in front of an enthusiastic audience.

  • Each performance must include at least one contestable barbershop song.

  • Each performing group will receive a score and rating (Superior, Outstanding, Excellent, Good).

Each performer will receive a Contestant Scoring Analysis (CSA).

  • Performers may opt out of sharing their ratings on the Official Score Sheet.

  • Each performing group will receive a world-class coaching and evaluation session from a BHS-certified judge
  • Performers may opt out of coaching and evaluation if desired


The Festival entry deadline is April 15, 2024.

Space is limited, and this event may reach capacity before the deadline (complete your entry early to ensure a spot).

The order of appearance draw is expected to occur in late May 2024.


Individuals are not required to be BHS members, but each must hold a full convention registration ↗️

Each chorus must pay a chorus registration fee of $399 for BHS member choruses, and $499 for other choruses. Chorus entry fees are fully refundable for any reason if the withdrawal occurs before April 15.

Watch awesome performances from the 2023 Festival