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Harmony University Colleges & Tracks

Two schools at Harmony University

HU features a more customizable education experience. Pick from one of two schools:

  • If your ensemble is coming to HU to be coached, you will select the School of the Performing Arts and will be either in the Quartet College or the Chorus College. You will receive daily coaching, but the remainder of your schedule is yours to arrange. Select from any of the other colleges.
  • All other HU attendees will be in the School of Harmony and are free to select courses from any of the Colleges including, Arranger, Coaching, Director, Leadership, Music Educator, Next Gen, Performance, and Voice Colleges.

All About Tracks

HU will allow you the opportunity to completely customize your HU experience. Attendees are welcome to pick courses only in their college using suggested course listings or seek to mix and match as needed.

The Arranger College is designed to equip arrangers of all abilities from novice to expert with the tools they need to be successful, including music literacy, theory, composition, and arranging courses.

Previous HUs saw the successful Coaching Apprenticeship Program (CAP). The Coaching College is designed to provide aspiring coaches not only with education but experiences to be a successful coach.

An HU mainstay, the Directors College was redesigned to give directors not only the technical and artistic skills required for conducting an ensemble, but the musical and leadership skills as well.

Leadership College was redesigned to provide chapter and district leaders foundational principles that all successful organizations demonstrate. Class sizes are small, but powerful.

One of our most popular offerings, the Music Educator College is for both choral teachers new to barbershop and Barbershoppers who are new to teaching. The Music Educator college also offers courses for middle school teachers with strategies for providing one, two, and three-part barbershop harmony experiences.

The Next Generation mixed chorus is for young singers who want to learn more about barbershop. This chorus experience is a mix of fun, incredible learning with singers of the same generation. Next Gen participation is open to youth 18-30 years old with an outstanding director and the best of the best section leaders! Outside of rehearsals, Next Gen participants can select classes from any College.

The Performance College is for those seeking to enhance their performance skills from the inside out. This experience will seek to employ the most current techniques in acting and stagecraft to position performers to be more impactful and effective. This is a must for those serious about performances, whether it be chorus or quartet.

The Voice College is for directors seeking to sharpen their diagnostic skills, section leaders eager to expand their knowledge base, or coaches who want to become more effective at their craft. The Voice College will have participatory classes like Singing Techniques and Teaching Practicums, as well as science-based vocal function classes. A must for those serious about vocal instruction, whether it be large group voice lessons (a chorus rehearsal) or private vocal instruction.