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Learn the principles of arranging in the barbershop style from the best of the best.

Previous Class offerings included:

  • Arranging from Concept to Performance with Steve Tramack

  • Right Brained Arranging with Kohl Kitzmiller

  • Arranging Fusion with Patrick McAlexander

  • The Definition and the Evolution of the Barbershop Style with Dan Wessler


We assemble the most talented coaches in the world to instruct our quartets and choruses. Come and learn at their feet!

Previous Class offerings, led by the wonderful Jordan Travis and Jill Rodgers included:

  • Practical Coaching

  • Principles of Coaching

  • Coaching in YOUR Lane with Steve Tramack, Charlotte Murray, Jordan Travis, and Jill Rodgers

  • Coach Observer or Mentorship Program: watch and learn from the best!


Conducting an ensemble involves a combination of musicianship and technique. We have the best of both as instructors!

Previous Class offerings included:
  • Barbershop Conducting Techniques for Music Educators

  • Basic Conducting with Ron Black

  • Intermediate Conducting with Timothy Workman

  • Effective Rehearsal Techniques with Joe Cerutti

  • Score Study and Analysis with Jordan Travis


Our certified Leadership instructors represent the latest in organizational leadership. We can help you run your community of artists!

Previous Class offerings included:

  • Service Leadership with Bev Greene

  • Building Belonging: Establishing Community within an Ensemble with Katie Rose

  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion with Maria Christian

  • Building Successful Arts Organizations with Terry Reynolds


Our HU choruses will give you a learning and performing experience that will never be duplicated.

Previous Class offerings included:

  • TTBB Honors Chorus directed by Stuart Sides

  • SSAA Honors Chorus directed by Debbie Cleveland

  • Next Generation All-Voices Chorus directed by Melody Hine


New to barbershop? Want to know how it can work for your school program? At HU, we tell you how.

Previous Class offerings included:

  • Music Educator Seminar Level 1 with Katy Dane and Debbie Cleveland, and Level 2 with Tessa Walker and Darin Drown

  • Conducting Barbershop with Darin Drown

  • Barbershop Arranging for Music Educators with Kirk Young


Start your journey into developing all of your musicianship skills.

Previous Class offerings included:

  • Rhythm in My Bones with Donya Metzger

  • Practice Techniques with Ben Shively

  • Chords and Progressions with Alex Morris

  • Sight Singing/Ear Training with Adam Bock


There are many techniques to give you an edge in your performance. Come find the best for you!

Previous Class offerings included:

  • How to be a Great Tenor/Lead/Baritone/Bass With Kim Newcomb, Blair Brown, Drew Wheaton, and Dan Wessler

  • Performance for Non-Performers with Sandi Wright

  • Acting for Singers with Allen Otto

  • Performing and Coaching Comedy with Eddie Holt

  • Building and Teaching Visuals and Choreography with Becki Hine


Barbershop singing has evolved to incorporate the latest in vocal science and pedagogy, while keeping in touch with our roots. Take your singing to the next level with us!

Previous Class offerings included:

  • Vocal Health and Habilitation with Peter Cunningham

  • Posting Techniques with Philip Grant

  • Vocal Workshop with Nicky McGrath

  • Critical Listening with Ben Shively

EDU - class

Design your own best barbershop life at Harmony University!

  • Over 175 courses to choose from!
  • Faculty from around the world!
  • Unique course tracks!
  • New electives and casual singing!