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Harmony University Scholarships

Broaden your horizons at Harmony University

Thank you for your interest in applying for a Harmony University Scholarship. The scholarship deadline has passed.

Scholarship applicants will be notified of their status by April 10, 2024. Thank you to all who applied!

Better Barbershoppers make a better barbershop world! Thanks to generous donors, singers at all levels of experience can grow and expand the reach of the premier barbershop educational experience.

All Harmony University scholarships include:

  • Food - full cafeteria meal plan
  • Housing: double occupancy. (Optional: you may buy out the other bed to have a singe occupancy.)
  • Access to educational materials
  • Access to our Friday and Saturday night shows
  • Shuttle to and from the airport
  • Please note: travel to Denver is not included.
  • All scholarship availability is subject to change.


“I felt like there was a very good connection between teachers and students, since they were not really different people. They were barbershoppers. Just like us. What you've made here is amazing, and I thank you for giving me the scholarship to come!”

“Next Gen was such a wonderful breath of fresh air to help realign my life together. I see the world in a new perspective, and it's so exciting! Thank you, HU!”

“I will forever be a champion for ALL music educators to come to HU and experience what I consider one of the best experiences of my entire life. You made a person, who knew virtually nothing about Barbershop, feel welcomed, encouraged, SAFE and understood. You made us teachers feel valued in a way that we don't always feel in our normal settings. You gave us the freedom to choose our paths at HU and also not feel guilty about sleeping in a little bit if we were just a little overwhelmed from taking it all in. I've come back to school refreshed, energized and incredibly excited to share everything I've learned with my students. Thank you for this amazing opportunity and for everything you are doing for Music Educators!”