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Housing & Transportation

Dorm Rooms

By default, all resident tuition options are double occupancy. You will be able to request a roommate in the online registration process. If a specific roommate isn’t selected, then we will automatically assign a roommate for you. We sometimes have students request someone to be their roommate BEFORE they check with them, but the other person has a third person they have in mind as well, and uncomfortable conversations follow. Ask!

Limited Single Occupancy options are available. To add a single occupancy option, select your college registration quantity, scroll to the bottom of the registration form to add on top of your general tuition. Two options are available:

  • Single Occupancy Room – a single dorm style room with a shared bathroom with another person(s). Limited to the first 50 people.
  • Single Occupancy Room w/Single Bathroom – a single dorm style room with your own bathroom. Limited to the first 20 people.

Hotels and Other Accommodations

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Stay tuned for more detailed arrival information for 2019!