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Broaden your Horizons

Don't miss out on an incredible week of education and harmony.

We offer three types of scholarships for Harmony University (HU) participants:

Scholarships applications for HU 2019 open on January 15, 2019.

Music Educators

This is intended for teachers who are working in a school, as a music teacher. It is not intended for college students who wish to be a teacher in the future, or for people with a degree in music who are not in the classroom.

Scholarships applications for HU 2019 open on January 15, 2019.

Education Hu Class Mixed

HU offered educational opportunities at the level of ACDA and NAfME, with a focus on barbershop harmony. Yet even with the barbershop focus, I learned so much information that I can take back to my high school choir program!

— Past HU Attendee

As a choir teacher, I have gained so much insight on how to make singing accessible to all students, how to bring young men into singing, and how to make it more enjoyable for my students. I have gained a tremendous amount of connections and resources that I am sure to utilize in future years, and I have gained a new appreciation and passion for a world where everyone is in harmony!

— Past HU Attendee

Front-Line Music Directors

“Front-Line” means the person listed as the director on your chapter database. This scholarship is not for your assistant director or music team member, or the person that may direct you in the future…just your listed front line director.

Scholarships applications for HU 2019 open on January 15, 2019.

Education Hu Tag General Session

I was hired as the front line director of West Towns in February of 2013. While I have a Bachelors and a Masters degree in music, and a diverse musical background (classical, opera, musical theatre, and jazz), at the time I was hired, I knew nothing about barbershop. WTC hired me anyway with the condition that I attend HU every summer. My first summer, I was blown away by the quality of the classes and couldn't wait to go back the next year. At my first district contest in 2013, we scored 808 (67.3). Five HUs and five contests later, we won the IL district trophy this past weekend with a score of 950 (79.2). In the past two years alone, our scores have gone up by 98 (8.2%) points. While our guys have put in a LOT of work, I attribute much of this success to HU. I come home each summer with more ideas on how to improve our chorus. HU also allows me a chance to pick the minds of barbershop greats, whether in class or sitting in the cafeteria. (Where else would I have a chance to talk over lunch with Kevin Keller?) In addition, it has allowed me to build relationships with great coaches that our chorus in turn has invited out to coach us. My guys are very happy today after a wonderful contest weekend. Thanks to you and Harmony U for helping us on a fantastic journey!

— Carrie Marcotte, Director, West Towns Chorus

Next Generation Mixed Chorus

For young men and women ages 18 - 25. No experience required!

Scholarships applications for HU 2019 open on January 15, 2019.

Education Next Gen Class

Thank you for supporting me with a scholarship to attend Harmony University. I am currently studying to become a music educator. The learning experience in both the men’s Next Gen Chorus and the classes were more than beneficial to my education. I learned so much this summer and will apply this knowledge to help with my future teaching! The classes piqued my interests in overtones and harmonic structure. All classes were fantastic; a few of my favorites included Tune It or Die, Fix Tonal Center and Flatting for Good, and Ring Chords Like Never Before. I cannot thank you enough for the amount of musical and personal growth that this week provided.

— Sylvester Stroud, HU Attendee