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Broaden your Horizons at Harmony University

All scholarships for Harmony University 2020 will open on November 15, 2019.

All Scholarships Include:

  • Food
  • Housing (double occupancy)
  • Access to educational materials
  • Shuttle to and from airport
  • Everything you need for your week at HU

Please note: travel to Nashville is not included.

See Past Scholarship Opportunities

Please note that the below scholarships for HU 2019 are now closed.

2020 Scholarship opportunities will be available in January 2020.

  • Robert & Judy Brown Scholarship
  • Earl Moon Scholarship
  • Larry Ajer Scholarship
  • Peggy Leon Scholarship
  • Jim Miller Front-Line Director Scholarship
  • Youth Chorus Directors Scholarship
  • Grand Central Red Caps Scholarship
  • Rich Knight "Lead the Way" Scholarship
  • Lou Perry Scholarship
  • International Scholarships
  • Front Line Directors Scholarships
  • Music Educator Scholarships
  • Next Generation Mixed Chorus Scholarship

2019 Scholarship Awards

Ryan Novak

Awarded the 2019 Earl Moon Full Scholarship

Only three years as a BHS Member, and Ryan is not only a EVG District-Div 3- quartet champion with his quartet, The Executives, but is also now the President of Canada’s most northern chapter: Spruce Grove, AB. He is so thrilled to be attending Harmony University for the first time.

Wes Krause

Awarded the 2019 Bob and Judy Brown Full Scholarship

"I have been deeply connected with the Tucson Chapter since I've gotten down here in 2008. The only positions I haven't held are Secretary and Treasurer and I'm back on another go as VP of Music and Performance. I hope to learn much more while I am at HU and take what I learn and implement the ideas into our chapter."

Michele Semenza

Awarded the World Harmony Council Scholarship

"I'm the founder of the first Italian barbershop quartet, and I've worked ten years to spread this mainly unknown fine art to my country, and with the same spirit I've united new emerging quartets under a national association of singers (BAFFI - Barbershop Association For Formations of Italy).
I've started a barbershop class and choir 2 years ago in one of the biggest music schools of the country, and some high school barbershop projects in my hometown (Ferrara, in northern Italy).
Attending Harmony University Director School in 2018 has vastly added to my skills and motivations, supporting my great love for the genre with the best knowledge and experience the world could offer: attending HU 2019 will further my progress and will help the growing of Italian barbershop culture."

Colette Mayers

Awarded the Peggy Leon Women in Barbershop Full Scholarship

"I joined Sweet Adelines International in 2005 and have immersed myself in barbershop singing and education since day one of my journey. I have SAI and BHS to thank not only for my barbershop education but also for my musical education in general. As a Co-Director of Grand Mesa A Cappella Chorus, my music theory may be self-taught but my love of barbershop harmony and all things musical lives deep within every cell of my body. I am Sweet Adelines and I am Barbershop Harmony!"

The Northsiders

Awarded the Larry Ajer Quartet Full Scholarship

The Northsiders were formed in 2013 when a couple of members were put together in an ad hoc Singing Valentines quartet with the New Tradition Chorus. Since then, they have gone on to be one of the most dynamic a cappella ensembles in the area, headlining a beer launch, going on TV for Barbershop Quartet Day in 2018 (and earning a return spot this year!), finishing "on the podium" in every BHS contest they've entered, and finishing runners-up twice at regional Harmony Sweepstakes.

One unique aspect of the Northsiders is their liberal use of subs. Because of their workings with other barber shoppers in the area, about a dozen different individuals have performed as a Northsider for a day. Sometimes doing paid gigs and sometimes doing volunteering, the Northsiders are all about performing. Having come close to winning District and qualifying for International, the Northsiders are excited to take the next step!

Quartet Members include: Noah Miller (T), Jeff Lathom (L), Loren Shevitz (Br), Steve Schoultz (Bs)

Jonathan Woolf

Awarded the 2019 AISQC Scholarship

Jonathan Woolf sings baritone with the current Pioneer District Champions, REMIX. His quartet has been together for five years and is committed to leading their chorus and to bring barbershop harmony to all of west Michigan and beyond. Jon is currently working as a lab tech at Charles River Labs, while pursuing a degree in Auto Mechanics and American Sign Language from KVCC. In addition to singing baritone with REMIX, Jon directs the Kalamazoo Mall City Harmonizers with his father, David Woolf, who got him started with barbershop at the age of 14. Jonathan is excited to learn new things that he can take back to his quartet and chorus when he gets back from Harmony U.

George Jackson

Awarded the Grand Central Red Caps Full Scholarship

Before joining the BHS seven years ago, George had not sung in public in 45 years. Introduced to barbershop by his late son George III, he became a founding member of Detroit Sound Machine. George sings to honor his son’s memory and to share the joy he has found being a part of this community.

Clifton Boyd

Awarded the Grand Central Red Caps Full Scholarship

Clifton Boyd is a Ph.D. student in music theory at Yale University. He is currently working on a dissertation on American vernacular music theory, with a particular focus on barbershop music. In addition to his academic pursuits, Clifton is a staunch advocate for diversity in music academia.

Dylan Broome

Awarded the Grand Central Red Caps Full Scholarship

Dylan Broome begun his journey in barbershop in 2010 while performing in the Music Man. Since then he's sang with the Mountaintown Singers, college quartet Voicemales, and he currently sings with Detroit Sound Machine and the City Lights Chorus. Music has made an impact on his life since age 6. He enjoys embracing and sharing his love for the art with everyone!

Josh Moore

Awarded the Lou Perry Full Scholarship

Josh Moore began his musical career in the 5th grade playing the trumpet, but didn't discover the joy of singing in the choir until much later in life. He sings in his church choir, the Music City Chorus and his quartet, High Gravity. When Josh is not barbershopping, he is a chemistry professor at Tennessee State University.

Paul Grimes

Awarded the Lou Perry Full Scholarship

Paul Grimes started as a cellist in grade school, and discovered barbershop in high school. Paul is a member of the Alexandria Harmonizers and has been a member of the Society for 36 years. He has represented the Evergreen and Mid-Atlantic districts as both a chorus and quartet member.

Paul developed his interest in arranging soon after joining his first chorus, and with the encouragement of fellow barbershoppers he pursued it further.

He still plays cello, and is branching out learning bagpipes, mandolin, and hammered dulcimer. Paul is a Program Manager at Dell EMC Technologies.

Ben McDaniel

Awarded the Lou Perry Full Scholarship

Ben McDaniel is an arranger, voice teacher, coach, director, and singer in the Atlanta area. He has sung tenor, lead, and baritone in many quartets and choruses over the years.

Luke Davis

Awarded the Rich Knight "Lead the Way" Full Scholarship

Luke Davis started his journey with barbershop in his freshman year of high school and after 10 years his passion for it has only grown. He is the lead singer for his quartet “NightFall” which is currently ranked at 3rd place in the Rocky Mountain District. Luke is a vocal advocate for the Harmony Brigade Movement, he currently directs a high school barbershop quartet, and previously directed a youth nonprofit barbershop chorus for over three years. Luke is about to graduate with an associate's of fine arts degree in music.

Bret Morris

Awarded the Jim Miller Full Scholarship

Bret Morris is a 25 year member of the Barbershop Harmony Society. He started singing barbershop with his dad in a quartet at 12 years old in the Cardinal District. He is now the lead section leader and auditioner of the Vocal Majority and he sings lead in the 2018 SWD champion quartet Legacy Road. Professionally, he has been in full time ministry for over 20 years and is currently the worship minister in an a cappella tradition church in Arlington, TX.

Jeffrey Meekins

Awarded the Grand Central Red Caps Full Scholarship

Jeffrey Meekins is a singer/songwriter living in Charlotte, NC. He grew up singing in church and playing clarinet, sax, and tuba in middle and high school bands. He then went on to join various performing groups throughout the years highlighted by his first a cappella group called Still Waters. Jeffrey was the lead singer for The Belvederes performing 1950s and 60s rhythm and blues and eventually "graduated" to sing tenor in the Gold Standard Chorus and Bar None Quartet. Jeffrey is currently releasing original music on all of the online music outlets under the stage name J Lemonte.