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2020 Harmony University Scholarship Information

All scholarships for Harmony University 2020 will open on November 15, 2019. All scholarships are intended for first time attendees. We welcome students to return to Harmony University year after year, but since our funds are finite, our donors wish to impact NEW students with their generous gifts.

Harmony University scholarships would not be possible without help from our friends in Harmony Foundation.

In 2019, we were granted over $110,000 in scholarship funds!

All Scholarships Include:

  • Food
  • Double occupancy housing (you may upgrade to a single room for a fee)
  • Access to educational materials
  • Shuttle to and from airport
  • Everything you need for your week at HU

Please note: travel to Nashville is not included.

Click here for more information regarding International Scholarships (for barbershoppers in Canada or outside of the United States)

Scholarships for Directors

Education Hu Tag General Session

1. The BHS Front-Line Director Scholarship

40 available; awards made weekly

This scholarship is for the current director of any BHS chorus. It is not for assistant directors, music team members, or a person that may direct in the future…just the listed front line director in BHS Member Center.

2. The Jim Miller Scholarship

1 available; awarded mid-March 2020

This scholarship is provided for educational advancement in directing barbershop music of a BHS chorus.

3. Youth Chorus Directors

1 available; awarded mid-March 2020

Sponsored by the Association of International Seniors Quartet Champions (AISQC), this scholarship is available to directors of youth choruses.

Scholarships for Music Educators

Education Hu Class Mixed

The Music Educator Scholarship

40 available; awards made weekly

This financial aid is intended for music teachers who are currently working (or will start in August or September) in a school. We seek out first-time attendees that teach choral music at the middle school, high school, or college level. This scholarship is not intended for college students who HOPE to be a teacher in the future, or for people with a degree in music who are not in the classroom.

Yes, we offer Continuing Education Units and graduate credits.

This scholarship is open until filled, OR until May 1, 2020.

Scholarships for Quartets

Women's Quartet - HALO

1. Larry Ajer Scholarship

4 available (for one quartet); awarded mid-March 2020

This scholarship is for a Barbershop Harmony Society registered Quartet that has been together for at least two years, that is on the "cusp" of making it to a BHS international competition, scoring in the 70's.

A piece of this application is to send a video of your quartet performing a song of your choice. Please email a YouTube link to AFTER you've submitted this application.

2. Rich Knight "LEAD the Way" Scholarship

1 available; awarded mid-March 2020

The Rich Knight "LEAD the Way" Scholarship is for a BHS-registered quartet LEAD singer who wishes to improve their skills. Preference will be given to a lead attending with his or her quartet, but this is not a requirement.

Scholarship for Arrangers

Lou Perry Scholarship

1 available; awarded mid-March 2020

Arrangers, receive pre-paid tuition to Harmony University by creating the best original barbershop arrangement. We welcome applications from talented people of any age who may not yet be accomplished arrangers but who show good musical skills and future potential. You do NOT need to be a member of the BHS to apply.

Scholarships for Musicians of Color

Grand Central Red Caps

4 available; awarded mid-March 2020

These four (4) scholarships are intended to encourage the broadest possible participation from four individuals to join us for a week of instruction at Harmony University. We hope to assist promising barbershop singers of color, music educators of color, and or directors of color. Men and women of color who have never attended Harmony University are encouraged to apply.

About this Scholarship

After winning the famed New York Barbershop Quartet Contest In the Park, the Grand Central Red Caps were automatically qualified to compete at our 1941 international convention. Reflecting unfortunate race relations of the time, SPEBSQSA denied participation to the quartet because they were black.

That decision was unjust and wrong. It does not reflect who we are today, and certainly does not reflect who we wish to become.

The Barbershop Harmony Society is committed to honoring the African-American roots of our singing style. Further, the BHS is increasing its commitment to become radically inclusive.

The Grand Central Red Caps Endowment has been established to provide scholarships and other supports to encourage the broadest possible participation of promising barbershop singers, music educators and directors of color. An initial $50,000 commitment by the Barbershop Harmony Society and a $50,000 gift to Harmony Foundation International from Dr. Bart Campbell of Nashville launched the initiative.

Scholarship for Women

Peggy Leon Scholarship

1 available; awarded mid-March 2020

The Peggy Leon Scholarship is for women from any barbershop organization.

Peggy's goal for this scholarship is to promote and foster sharing between all our barbershop style organizations in the world. Peggy believes that quality barbershop education is not limited to any one organization. Women from BHS, HI, SAI, or any organization outside the US and Canada are welcome to apply.

Scholarships for Youth

Mixed chorus singing at Harmony University

Next Generation Mixed Chorus Scholarship

60 half-scholarships available; awards made weekly

For young men and women ages 18 - 25, based on financial need. No experience required!

The focus of this scholarship is financial need... not because you are a younger person. These 60 half-scholarships will reduce your tuition from $975 to $487, and will cover:

  • Food
  • Housing at Belmont
  • Instruction
  • Shuttle pickup and return

Thank you for supporting me with a scholarship to attend Harmony University. I am currently studying to become a music educator. The learning experience in both the Next Gen Chorus and the classes were more than beneficial to my education. I learned so much this summer and will apply this knowledge to help with my future teaching! The classes piqued my interests in overtones and harmonic structure. All classes were fantastic; a few of my favorites included Tune It or Die, Fix Tonal Center and Flatting for Good, and Ring Chords Like Never Before. I cannot thank you enough for the amount of musical and personal growth that this week provided.

— Sylvester Stroud, HU Attendee

Scholarships for BHS Members

1. Robert and Judy Brown Scholarship

1 available; awarded mid-March 2020

This scholarship is based on financial need for a person who would be unlikely to ever afford attending Harmony University. The Bob and Judy Brown Scholarship was formed to honor the Barbershop singing careers of Bill Park, Dick Crockett, “Bo” Allen, Lloyd Erickson, Conrad “Connie” Keil, and Ken Pacetti. Funds are awarded through Harmony Foundation.

To qualify for this scholarship, the applicant must:

  • Be an up-to-date member of the Barbershop Harmony Society
  • Be active and involved in their chapter.

2. Earl Moon Scholarship

1 available; awarded mid-March 2020

The Earl Moon Scholarship is for BHS members who are first time HU attendees and strong chapter servants.

The Whittier Choralaires, the Whittier Chapter of The Barbershop Harmony Society and The Far Western District, established a Memorial Endowment Fund in the name of legendary Barbershopper, Earl Moon. Earl was the Choralaires' director for more than 25 years and his long-standing reputation as a premier faculty member at Harmony University is known to anyone who has ever attended Harmony University. Earl was not only a great quartet coach, chorus director, arranger and teacher, but also a true champion of the Joe Barbershoppers of the Society.

    International Scholarships

    For Canadians, and those outside of the United States

    Canadian BHS members, click here to apply for "Sing Canada" assistance.


    For Barbershoppers outside of the U.S. and Canada, our friends at the World Harmony Council can provide help for you to get to Harmony University, too! Learn more here.