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Martinez BHS NAFME presentation

Martinez honored by NAfME and Barbershop Harmony Society

January 10, 2020

Hurricane Of Harmony 3873

NAfME joins with Society to honor life-changing music educators

July 18, 2019

BHS General Logo Blue And Purple

Heather Nail receives NAfME/BHS Educator Award

January 30, 2017

Lori Lyford

2019 BHS/NAfME Music Educator Award Announced

January 24, 2019

Wildcat 2

Wernega receives special recognition from NAfME and Barbershop Harmony Society

December 21, 2020

Washington Dc Ra3Oad6Hrnm

Crossroads to receive prestigious STAND for MUSIC award from NAfME

April 28, 2016

CHORUS - youth

Secure your local music programs (with NAfME’s Ronny Lau)

June 13, 2018

GENERAL - Jim henry

Jim Henry to lead chorus of music educators at NAfME’s major annual conference

August 26, 2016

Feliphe schiarolli hes6n UC1 M Vc unsplash

Working in Harmony: Do Your Part for Music in Schools

January 03, 2020

EDU - Coaching Keller

Why you should make a nomination for the BHS-NAfME Music Educator Award

October 05, 2017

Debbie Cleveland

Debbie Cleveland receives 2018 NAfME / BHS Music Educator Award

January 20, 2018

BHS General Logo Blue And Purple

Crossroads was a part of NAfME's 2016 Hill Day, advocacy for music education on Capitol Hill - YouTube

July 25, 2016

Miosm Logo With Nafme Logo 1

The Importance of Music Education in Our Schools

March 19, 2019

SINGER - pocket square

Intro to Barbershop: Learning the language of Barbershop

January 02, 2020

EDU - class

Our Impact on Music Education

September 23, 2020

BHS supports the success of music educators through scholarships, destination events, free music and curricula.

Many keys

Promote Chapter Diversity More Intentionally

February 21, 2020

BHS General Logo - Blue Background

Fact Sheet: Barbershop Harmony Society

November 29, 2018

Barber X1Cgm30Qopi

COVID-19 Resources for Barbershoppers

March 31, 2020

Bruno Nascimento 263722 Unsplash

Pratt Street Power, GQ appear at music education rally at Capitol

June 29, 2017

EDU - HU General Session

Joe Cerutti to lead Youth in Harmony activities for Barbershop Harmony Society

August 29, 2013

Music Gi6-M_T_W-E

Partner Organizations

May 10, 2018

We have many friends who share our love of good song & fellowship, and some of our best education resources come from our members’ own subsidiary organizations. Dive right into the alphabet soup: AHSOW, AIC, AISQC, BQPA. EIEIO!

CHORUS - Hurricane of Harmony - Junior

Youth choruses ascend to new heights at national barbershop chorus event

January 20, 2018

Chorus Young Men Close Up

Apply for the Next Generation Barbershop Junior Chorus Invitational by February 1

January 25, 2018

Education Online Class

Director Job Postings Have Gone Digital!

January 28, 2019

BHS General Logo Yellow

Vocal Majority, Main Street bring music educators to their feet at national conference

November 18, 2016

BHS Awards video

Virtual Society Awards

August 19, 2020

The inaugural Barbershop Harmony Society Awards have been created to amplify and celebrate individuals, icons, and ensembles who have impacted the local or global barbershop world through excellence and service. Join us September 14 on YouTube with host Alex Morris.