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Eventbrite Best Practices: Great SEO begins when you create your Event Listing!

3 Steps to Great SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is simply the process of optimizing your web page to rank higher in search engine results.

The first step to great SEO is listing your event on Eventbrite. It’s one of Google’s most trusted websites, and has the highest domain authority of any ticketing site. As the #1 most authoritative ticketing website online, using Eventbrite helps your event rank higher in Google searches. Plus it’s free and easy, so don’t skip this important step to a successful event.

Secondly, using the right Keywords in your event listing has a big affect on SEO. See our blog post about the importance of Keywords for creating a top notch event listing.

Third, improve the online Reputation of your event by linking to other authoritative websites in your Eventbrite event description. Linking to these sites is like including an influential reference on a resume - Google recognizes their reputation and it ‘rubs off’ on your event, improving the rank of your event in online searches. Simply listing your event on Eventbrite goes a long way towards improving your event’s reputation.

Other reputable sites you can link to are the BHS website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. Our sites are rich in content, updated regularly, highly active, and have many followers - all contributing to a solid online reputation. So include one or more links to a relevant BHS Facebook post or YouTube video in your Eventbrite event description. This will not only make your event listing more engaging to visitors, but will also improve your event’s SEO and rank in online searches.

And that's just the beginning. For additional SEO tips, see:

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