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Eventbrite Best Practices: Using Eventbrite, Facebook, and more to Promote your Barbershop Event!

Promotion Tips & Tricks

So you’ve finally set the official date for your next event. Now what?

1. First, create an event listing in Eventbrite.

Whether tickets to your event are paid or free, there are tons of great reasons to use Eventbrite - read our blog about it!

2. Pay attention to Keywords as you create your event listing in Eventbrite.

See our blog post about the importance of Keywords and other great tips for creating a top notch event listing. Using the right keywords ensures that more people will be able to search and find your event online.

3. Include Links!

When creating your event listing in Eventbrite, include links in your event summary and event description. You can link to your group’s website (for more info about your group), a recent Facebook post, or a YouTube video (of a group performance). Including these links will not only be more engaging to visitors, but will also improve your event listing’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ranking in online searches! Read this blog for more SEO tips.

4. Use Facebook to promote your Event.

Now that you’ve setup your event in Eventbrite, it’s time to draw attention to it! Create posts on your chorus Facebook page that link to your Eventbrite listing. Do this early and often. Try to highlight different details in each post:

  • featured performers
  • featured songs
  • link to a previous performance video
  • reveal behind-the-scenes preparations
  • quote a chorus director or member’s thoughts about the upcoming performance
  • tease a photo of a unique costume piece
  • any little thing to build anticipation for the big event!

Facebook Boosts! With just a little bit of advertising money, you can ‘boost’ one of your Facebook posts to a wider audience - this will get your post seen by more people than your typical Facebook followers. Consider spending just $25 or $50 a few times. You’ll have options to target your audience (like by location) to determine who will receive your boosted post, and when. See this Facebook ‘How-To’ for more info.

Sell tickets directly from your chorus Facebook page. If you’d like people to be able to purchase tickets to your show right from your Facebook page, rather than having them click a link to your Eventbrite event page, then check out this blog for details.

5. Enlist your members, fans, and supporters to help promote your event.

This includes any featured guests that may be performing at your show. Ask them all to spread the word to their social networks.

6. Pre and post-show Emails.

Obviously you’ll want to invite your email contacts before the show, but don’t forget an after-the-show ‘thank you’ email too. Send it soon afterward while their memories of your event are still fresh! See this blog post with a bunch of email ideas about how to continue a conversation with your fans.

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