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2021 International Convention Chorus Events Update

2021 International Chorus Contest and Festival Update

Over the past several months, the Barbershop Harmony Society leadership and staff has been cautiously optimistic about the chorus events planned for the 2021 International Convention in Cleveland this summer. Even amidst constantly evolving news about the ongoing pandemic, vaccine distribution, travel restrictions, and a variety of other unknowns, the lengthy lead time needed for such a large event requires us to continue to keep moving forward while also constantly reviewing and adjusting our plans.

With the greatest care for the safety and health of our barbershop community in mind, it has become clear to us that the in-person chorus contest and new chorus festival are not going to be able to occur as originally planned. We agree with and share the concerns expressed by chorus directors, managers, and singers about the safety of preparing for and participating at an in-person chorus contest and festival in Cleveland.

Next Steps

Our events staff will be meeting with the participating chorus leaders and various BHS volunteers to explore a variety of alternatives and gather feedback. Similar discussions will be held with quartet competitors to review and develop recommendations for the International and Next Generation Varsity Quartet contests and festival. We have been reminded over the past year that the barbershop community is creative, adaptable, and motivated -- an incredible resource that will help make decisions about how best to move forward together.

We ask for patience from the barbershop community as we think through the options and possible next steps. All of us are eager to safely gather and we are committed to considering all possibilities.

BHS will share options for registrations and refunds as soon as we have a better picture of what the 2021 International Convention will be so that participants can make an informed decision. Look for more information about the convention revisions soon.

In the meantime, we continue to encourage all barbershoppers to find ways to safely engage and connect with other barbershoppers in your local community and around the world. We remain inspired by your passion and innovation!