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MUSIC - Barberpole Cat II

Top 3 tips for new and emerging arrangers

Boiling the wide world of barbershop arranging down to three…

GENERAL - sheet music glasses

Arranging barbershop: finding the song

Barbershop is not a genre of music. It is a style of arranging choral music that can be applied to…

Welcome To The Marketplace

NEW from BHS Marketplace: Premium Digital Learning Tracks!

You asked for them, and now they’re becoming a…

Sheet Music Drir5Tdcwf4

Hal Leonard Unpublished-to-Published Project Update for BHS Arrangers

Because the world of print licensing can be both complicated and confusing, I wanted to stop, check…

General Sheet Music

Copyright 101

Copyright 101Faculty: Janice Bane and Scott Harris One of the most frequent topics we hear about…

GENERAL - Generic Sheet Music

An explanation of potentially confusing music theory terms

There is a difference between analyzing a chord and analyzing a chord…


Publications FAQ: Music Catalog changes

The Barbershop Harmony Society has decided to begin moving all of our music publications toward a…

General Bhs Logo Barberpole

BHS Publishing & Hal Leonard: Partnership Update

Do you have an arrangement in the BHS catalog? Then this update is for you! In 1996, the BHS…

DOC - Arrangements

Arrangers Update from Scott Harris, BHS Arranger & Repertoire Manager

Greetings Barbershop Arrangers! As many of you are aware, I was hired in January as the new…