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BHS Online Education

New online education classes announced!

The Barbershop Harmony Society is proud to present the fall session of BHS Online Education…

Red Caps Endowment

Barbershop Harmony Society celebrates Black History Month with announcement of scholarships and endowment

With a commitment to its vision of Everyone in Harmony, the Barbershop Harmony Society announces a…

Education Hu Class Singing

Vocal Health: Voice Production and Resonance

This regular series will examine different facets of vocal health in which we hope to dispel myths…

Mixed Double Quartet

So You Think You Know Barbershop?

This regular series is intended for music educators and others interested in knowing more about this…

Quartet Main Street Hu

Building Musicians: Resources for Learning Musicianship

This regular series will examine different facets of building musicians in which we hope to dispel…

Chorus Youth Chorus Women

Vocal Health Series: Vocal Health Perceptions

This regular series will examine facets of vocal health by which we hope to dispel myths and…

General Sheet Music

Copyright 101

Copyright 101Faculty: Janice Bane and Scott Harris One of the most frequent topics we hear about…

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Certified Leadership Facilitators Commissioned at Harmony University 2017

As a part of the recent Harmony University 2017, the Barbershop Harmony Society certified five new…

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HU Keynote: Kurt Heinecke - Fun music that's not a joke!

A lifetime of studying various musical styles took 2017 HU keynote speaker Kurt Heinecke down a…

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Barbershop singers share love for harmony at Las Vegas event

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1050"] The Hanfris Quartet from Barcelona represents the…

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