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General Mixed Group Singing 2


In order to have effective rehearsals, you need to think bigger than this one night! Think about the…

SINGER - reading sessions


How you treat and communicate with others in rehearsal has a huge impact on the ability of your…

Education Hu General Session

Do Less & Sing More

Minimize the effort spent on chorus business, and spend more time on your…

Education Hu Class Close Up

3 "Ahs" to keep singers coming back every week

Great leaders know we need a variety of elements to keep our barbershop singers coming back to sing…

GENERAL - Camera Close Up

Miller Photography closing – get your classic chorus portraits NOW

For more than three decades, Miller Photography of Louisville, Kentucky, was the official…

Education Hu Tag General Session

How to lead a warm-up when you don't know what you're doing

You can lead a productive warm-up that guides the singers towards ensemble unity, even if you have…

HARMONY HALL - Nashville

James Pennington joins staff as Chapter Success Manager

James Pennington has assumed the new position of Chapter Success Manager at the Barbershop…

General Bhs Logo Barberpole

ASCAP Reporting Form for 2018

ASCAP Reporting Form for 2018 Posted on February 26, 2018 by Antonio…

EDU - HU Class

BHS Contest Entry Using Barberscore: Information and Tutorials

The Barbershop Harmony Society is utilizing a new platform called Barberscore for contest management…

QUARTET - Border Patrol 2013 seniors

Updates Regarding Harmony Fellows (50+ Year Members) Renewal Process

Calling all members of your chapter or district who have 50 or more years of service in the…

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