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VR won it: think you, too, can Sing That Thing?

Season Two of WGBH/Boston's Sing That Thing! gave talented choral singers from across New England…

HARMONY HALL - 2018 Board - revised

Society Board announces update to bylaws

At meetings this fall, after consulting with the District Presidents Council, the Society Board…

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BHS quartets help Alaska Airlines celebrate SEA > BNA connection

Captain Mike and his Crew Alaska Airlines is the newest kid on the block at Nashville…

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Harmony Hall staff says goodbye... and hello!

A fond farewell to Patty Patty Leveille retires in October after nearly a decade of faithful service…

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Society mourns passing of Gene Cokeroft

The Barbershop Harmony Society celebrates the life and legacy of Gene Cokeroft, a genial giant of…

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Swedish quartet captures college barbershop championship

Swedish quartet captures college barbershop championship That good old-fashioned American…

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Sing That Thing, Vocal Revolution!

As a cappella groups continue to fill the airwaves, Boston-based Vocal Revolution Chorus (NED) is…