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Leadership seminars at Virtual Harmony U help you thrive

Leadership seminars at Virtual Harmony U help you thrive

Organizations in the same industry have similar access to resources, people, technology, operations expertise, communication and equipment—yet some only survive while others thrive. Why?

Rob Macdonald, Leadership Operations Team

We believe the reason is leadership. Leadership is the difference between organizations that grow and thrive, and those that merely survive.

It is the same in our singing organizations. Those chapters and singing communities that we admire the most have leaders that inspire a hopeful vision for a better future, built on the successes of the past.

The Leadership OPerations Team (LOPT) supports the Healthy Chapter Initiative, which helps chapters get on track to thrive. LOPT has presented leadership workshops and seminars at Harmony University and Virtual Harmony University, including the Leadership Seminars in 2020 and 2021.

This year’s Leadership Seminar includes personal leadership development, leading individuals and teams, plus leading your singing community into the post-Covid world. I encourage you to join me and fellow leaders on July 20, 22, 24, 27, 29 and 31 at 3–5pm CDT to learn, discuss, share and practice leadership actions.

LOPT Facilitators include some of the most well-respected leaders and teachers in barbershop: Steve Wyszomierski, Terry Reynolds, Christian Hunter, Manny Lopez, Beverly Greene, Bob Cox, Ric Keaster, Bill Hickman and Rob Macdonald. All are keen on helping you become a better leader, as they strive to do the same. This team will also facilitate Leadership Electives during the August 2-6 week from 4-5pm CDT.

We believe each person has great leadership potential; that you can be a positive influence to those around you. It means you can create that ideal vision and conditions which inspire people to perform at their best. We also know the tough part is learning, then deciding how much you want to grow and improve your leadership ability. Then, it’s putting those decisions into action!

Join us on our leadership journey, challenge yourself to become a better leader and sign up for this year’s Leadership Seminar.