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9 Easy A Cappella Barbershop Charts for your SSAA Ensemble

9 Easy Charts for your SSAA ensemble

Introduce your chorus or quartet to barbershop!

We’ve hand-picked these 9 easy charts to get your SSAA ensemble started right away: incorporate these pieces into your curriculum, introduce a song at your next virtual rehearsal, or plan ahead for your next barbershop youth camp. The possibilities are endless!


arranged by Adam Scott | Difficulty Level: 2

Hallelujah, originally penned by Leonard Cohen, has been recorded over 300 times in various languages by popular artists including Pentatonix, Brandi Carlile, Regina Spektor, and Willie Nelson.

This is one of those instantly recognizable songs - perfect for any audience.

Available in all territories (excluding Japan).

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Suddenly I See

arranged by Robert Rund | Difficulty Level: 2

This fun arrangement is the perfect pop up-tune piece for your show. Originally recorded by KT Tunstall, Suddenly I See was featured in multiple TV shows and movies in the early 2000s.

Available in all territories (excluding Japan).

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It’s a Good Day

arranged by Lloyd Steinkamp | Difficulty Level: 2

Released in 1946, this classic barbershop tune will make your audience smile with thoughts of yesteryear.

The original recording by Peggy Lee peaked at no. 16 on the Billboard Charts and is a quick learn for an introduction into barbershop a cappella!

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Hooked on a Feeling

arranged by Jon Nicholas | Difficulty Level: 2

Your audience will instantly recognize this arrangement of Hooked on a Feeling, with its tribal-esque "Ooga-Chaka-Ooga-Ooga" intro (Finding Nemo anyone?)!

In 1974, this version reached number one in the United States and Billboard ranked it as the No. 20 song for 1974.

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Java Jive

arranged by Bluegrass Student Union | Difficulty Level: 2

This classic Bluegrass Student Union arrangement of Java Jive is a barbershop classic!

This winner of a chart has appeared on many a show and always gets the audience to play along. Plus, when is the next time you’ll have the chance to sing “percolator”?!

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My Favorite Things

arranged by Dave Briner | Difficulty Level: 1

This iconic piece from the musical The Sound of Music is a good change of pace after an up-tune in your repertoire.

This piece is perfect for youth camps: The repetitive nature of the verses and melodic tune is easily recognizable for singers and audiences alike.

And it’s available worldwide!

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My Romance

arranged by Burt Szabo | Difficulty Level: 2

My Romance was written in 1935 for the Broadway musical Jumbo, and was further performed by artists Sammy Davis Jr. and Doris Day.

This is a tender ballad with expressive musical opportunities.

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Stand by Me

arranged by Steve Delahanty | Difficulty Level: 2

A Ben E. King tune turned barbershop classic! This piece is timeless; everyone knows this song, making it perfect for a finale sing-along for your audience!

Featured in the film Stand By Me, there have been over 400 recorded versions of this song since it was first released.

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What a Wonderful World

arranged by Bob Long | Difficulty Level: 1

You can’t go wrong with Louis Armstrong!

A feel-good classic for any performance, this arrangement of What a Wonderful World paints a beautiful picture for your audience, sprinkling with bright effervescence.

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