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A New Look for!

We’re excited to soon share with you a new and improved look for, ready to be launched on October 8th. We’ve set out to improve user experience for first-time visitors and long-time members alike, and provide quick access to our most sought-after resources, including music, events, and education.

In addition, our vision and mission are integral to everything we do, and we’ve set out to make our values clear. You’ll see updated language and visuals that better reflect our passion and intent to continue in our work to make Everyone in Harmony a reality.

Updated site will help newcomers explore our world faster

After conducting a comprehensive review of web traffic over the past three years, we’ve learned that first-time users are most interested in our events and music. With improved functionality and navigational clarity, the new site ensures that first-time visitors will be able to quickly move from "interested" to "committed" fans, members, and customers.

At the same time, the site is designed to quickly help singers find places to sing and to share barbershop with the wider community. There are many ways for newcomers to get involved in barbershop at the local level and to find ways to join us at whatever level they choose.

Document Center: A simplified look for your most valued resources

While our refreshed public-facing site will enhance navigation for first-time users, the many resources that directly support current members, chapters, and volunteers will be available in an enhanced Document Center that helps conduct the business of barbershopping.

The revamped Document Center houses many of the resources that members and chapters utilize throughout the year. Divided into a few main categories - including Society Resources, History, Music, and Contests - members and associates will be able to dive in to greater detail depending on need. This new, user-friendly layout provides a deeper level of organization and includes a search function that combs through both the Document Center and the main website. Access will be available to members and associates after logging in with their Member Center username and password.

Stay tuned for the big reveal -- coming October 8th!