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A New Tip for Tired Voices

A New Tip For Tired Voices: Head to the Hardware Store!

Using funnel phonation to help stretch your vocal chords

Anyone in the vocal coaching world knows the importance of SOVT (semi occluded vocal tract) exercises. This is why we lip trill, tongue trill, or use consonant sounds like "vvv" or "zzz" in rehearsals. SOVT exercises help us increase back pressure that reflects at the lips back to the vocal folds which helps them vibrate with more ease and much less effort.

Currently, one of the very best SOVT exercises is straw phonation where one would make sound through the straw. Until recently, that is what I used and would prescribe to students.

This video shows a new SOVT technique which allows you to sing “normally” with all of the great benefits of straw phonation:

How do you use SOVTs in your rehearsal? How do you find them helpful? Let us know in the comments if you try the Funnel Phonation!

-Jordan Travis

Director of Toronto Northern Lights and Harbourtown Sound

BHS Singing Category Judge

Owner/Operator of InstaChoir