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Add expertise and advocacy to your chapter with Open Boards

Want to solidify your chapter's ties to your local community? Develop fundraising connections? Acquire new opportunities for gigs and venues? Collaborate more easily with other performing arts groups and civic leaders?

Consider adding non-BHS community members to your chapter board of directors.

Successful arts groups all have boards that are composed of non-performers who are supporters of the arts. They use their money, influence, and connections to advance the group's mission and goals. It also frees up time so the performers can focus more on honing their craft and singing!

To see whether local chapters can benefit by borrowing a page from such independent arts groups, the Society has just approved a pilot program that allows chapters to put non-Society members on their boards as members-at-large.

So, instead of envying the local symphony or community chorus for all their connections, you can copy their model of success by putting local VIPs and arts supporters on your board of directors as members-at-large.

The Open Board pilot program allows chapters to include non-BHS members on their boards of directors during the 2015 and 2016 calendar years. Chapters with a board size of more than seven will be able to include up to two such community board members; all other chapters will be able to include one non-Barbershopper.

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