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All-Chapter Chorus songs span eras and styles

Greg Clancy directs. Twenty quartet medalists form the driving heart of the chorus. You're just a few songs away from an unforgettable singing experience at Midwinter Convention.

You'll remember "It's A Brand New Day" as a great show opener by the Interstate Rivals. This one grabs the audience by the lapels, gives them a shake and warns them they might have a bit too much fun tonight.

A change of pace, "My Cup Runneth Over With Love" is a mellow ballad of appreciation for the gift of love in your lives. The Most Happy Fellows sang this arrangement of a song from "I Do! I Do!", and more recently it has been revived by the Musical Island Boys.

Previously featured this year,the iconic "Sweet Caroline" was a smash hit for A Mighty Wind at the last midwinter convention. We predict this may become the Song of 2015.