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Bioshock, the Beach Boys, and Barbershop

8-Bit Music Theory, a YouTuber with over 300,000 subscribers who analyzes music featured on popular video games, has released a new video, "When Bioshock Infinite Covered The Beach Boys."

8-Bit Music Theory takes us on a wild journey through the music theory that song writers Brian Wilson and Tony Asher employed to create the classic Beach Boys hit, "God Only Knows", before explaining how the piece was adapted as a barbershop arrangement for the video game Bioshock.

Barbershop fans will recognize this Clay Hine arrangement, performed by internationally-ranked A Mighty Wind quartet.

"I love this arrangement. Rearranging beloved songs in totally different styles can be really fun to hear, but this arrangement transcends that novelty by respecting and maintaining the essence of the Beach Boys original while simultaneously transporting it into a completely new setting, giving a totally new way to look at the original harmony and melody..."

— 8-bit Music Theory

Many thanks to BHS members Tom Degan and Matt Picioccio for sharing this video with us!