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Buying music for your chapter? Read this first!

For the past several years, Harmony Marketplace provided chapters with the option to bill online purchases directly to the chapter. This was done as a courtesy and was designed to allow chapters to avoid the additional step of reimbursing their members for chapter-related purchases. Sounds good, right?
Close up of stack of credit cards
The problem: significant staff resources were being used to generate monthly statements, track payments, and chase down overdue accounts for chapters who had already received their music... without paying for it! 
As of June 12, 2015, we have suspended the option for billing orders to the chapter. 
A member making a purchase on behalf of their chapter has two options:
1.  Pay at the time of purchase using your own form of payment and member discount, then seek reimbursement from your chapter directly.

2. The chapter may obtain a debit card linked to their chapter checking account, with access limited to authorized signers of their choosing (typically treasurer/secretary, president, or chorus manager) and use that for all online purchases. No reimbursement necessary!