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Candidates sought for 2021 Society Board

The Board of Directors of the Barbershop Harmony Society has openings for Society President, Society Executive Vice-President and Society Treasurer for one-year terms, and Member-At-Large for three-year terms beginning in 2021.

These openings will be filled by election of the board at its summer meeting at the International Convention in Los Angeles, CA, June 28 - July 5, 2020. The board is seeking effective, visionary leaders with an impressive history of service in barbershop, business, public service, education, or other areas. Further, the Nominating Committee is committed to creating a more inclusive and diverse Society governance structure beginning with the Board of Directors and welcomes all candidates who may help us achieve that goal.

Please be reminded that a candidate for the Society Board of Directors must be a Society member in good standing.

If you have a desire to serve your Society at the highest level, this is your chance. Applications will open starting January 13, 2020. The deadline for applying is midnight, Sunday, March 15, 2020.

Final candidates will be expected to attend, at Society expense, the Society Board meetings in Los Angeles, CA, June 28 - June 30, 2020, where the election will take place.

If you are elected, you will be expected to participate in all the meetings after July 2020:

August 16th - Tentative Zoom Conference

September 13-14 - Nashville, TN (in person)

October 18th - Tentative Zoom Conference

November 15th - Tentative Zoom Conference

December 20th - Tentative Zoom Conference

The board holds regularly scheduled online/telephone conferences throughout the year (usually the third Sunday of every month). A successful candidate elected to the Board will be expected to attend all of these telephone conferences held via Webex or Zoom.

All 2021 dates noted are tentative and will be confirmed at International 2020.

2021 In Person Meetings

January 20 - 24 | Midwinter Convention – New York City, NY

June 27 - July 4 | International Convention – Cleveland, OH

September Fall Board Meeting (TBD)- Nashville, TN

Also, all board members may be assigned as a district representative and expected to serve as representatives of the Society President and the Society Board for up to two (2) district House of Delegates meetings each year – again, at Society expense. These are usually, but not always, held at district conventions.

For further information about Society Board membership, please see the Society Board Member Orientation Manual, found here.