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Carolinas District unveils new graphic look

Carolinas District unveils new graphic look

The district refreshes its logo for a new era. Erik Lindstrom, District VP of Marketing, unfolds his design concept.

The geography of our District is represented with North Carolina in UNC "Tar Heel" or light blue, and South Carolina in the indigo blue of its state flag. Red, white and blue are the traditional colors in the barberpole, and also a nod to patriotism.

The treble clef is formed by four highly-stylized people coming together, linking arms, embracing, and reaching across our district map to uplift one another. They represent our diversity, while also alluding to the four parts of harmony.

A conscious decision to drop the word, "district", and the subtitle, "Of the Barbershop Harmony Society", replacing it with simply, "Barbershop Harmony," is intended to evoke and emphasize the idea and feeling of our craft, rather than that of an organization which acts solely as a body of governance. The new wording speaks to our commitment to include individuals and groups outside the Society, such as church choirs, college students, etc.

The tagline "Nothing could be finer" immediately conjures a song in the imagination of our target audience. It speaks to our geography, the genre of music we typically sing, and that warm-fuzzy feeling we get when we harmonize. It is a concise statement of how most Barbershoppers feel about our craft.