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"Carry the Tune" documentary project asks, "Is there musical life after high school?"

Paul Trapkus is an orchestra teacher in Longmont, Colorado, who is a true believer in the value of lifelong musical learning. He contacted us recently regarding a documentary film he is attempting to fund on Kickstarter around this premise:

An enormous amount of individual work goes into the study of music, and teachers work tirelessly to encourage a lifelong learning of music in their students. Yet researchers and music educators estimate that only 10-20% of students are actually continuing their musical studies after high school. Many students quit simply because they aren't aware of the many ways to continue. This documentary seeks to reveal those ways of continuing musical study after high school by following college students and adults who have done so. In addition to traditional ensembles, we will explore other examples of avocational music-making, such as jam sessions, a cappella groups, chamber music, and laptop orchestras. We intend to show that it is possible and even profoundly enjoyable to stay involved with music without necessarily majoring in it or making a career out of it. We will also examine the skewed value that our society places on music and how that impacts students' decisions about their futures.

Sure sounds like the Barbershop Harmony Society is among the solutions, doesn't it? Interesting that fellow travelers look to us as leaders in this movement, too.

For further information, visit Carry the Tune by SCOPA — Kickstarter. (As always, carefully read and understand Kickstarter Basics about accountability.)