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Chorus tops $100K in donations to local speech unit

Northland Chorus of Ontario supports speech therapy through three decades

It started with a request for a $30 donation in 1995, but has turned into an ongoing mission to serve

Service to its community stands at the heart of the Northland Chorus of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, featured in this superb story from reporter Zoe Sanguinetti on Shaw Spotlight. The chapter’s 55th annual show in 2019 included a gift to the Speech Pathology unit at Sault Area Hospital which pushed the total past $100,000- dollars.

The story beautifully balances the charitable drive of the chapter with the personal story of director Bob Shami and his son Nathan, whose own childhood journey through speech therapy plays a role in the show. Clips from the production highlight the inventive script and some great stage performances.

Enjoy this well-rounded story from a well-rounded chapter!