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Coles County Chorus stages 10th Annual Youth Festival

Reaching out to young singers? Awesome. Reaching out to young singers who will someday teach other singers? Doubly awesome! See what the Coles County, Illinois Chapter has been up to:

Two weeks ago, the CCC sponsored their 10th Annual Youth in Harmony Festival.  Since is was hosted at Eastern Illinois University, a special “Everything You Would Like to Know About Barbershop” hour was provided for a class of students who are prospective music teachers.  They heard some history and watched some DVD performances.  They were given a score sheet and even put down a score for a couple of the performers.  Most interesting was a young man named Donovan who agreed to stand up and sing a tag with three members of the Highway 16 – Four Quartet. The foursome was diverse in many ways, including height, age, skin color and facial hair.  Isn’t it interesting how music bridges gaps.  Donovan posted a nice long “F” as the other three finished the “When I Leave the World Behind” tag.  It was interesting to note that Donovan also attend the evening show put on by the 250 high school students.  Who knows?  Should he gain employment as a music educator, maybe barbershop will have some place in his curriculum.

Donovan, second from left, sings with the Highway 16 Four Quartet: from left to right, Tom Woodall, Randy Turner, and Dave Clausing

via Wednesday, The Morning After: November 6, 2013 | Coles County Barbershop Chorus.