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Contest Expansion Proposal Highlights

Along with the excitement of district contests, the fall convention season also brings the opportunity for chapter and district leaders to meet and connect during their House of Delegates and District Board meetings. The 2021 Contest Expansion Proposal is a popular discussion item this year in every district -- in official leadership meetings, with BHS Board and staff representatives, and among attendees.

As you think about the proposed changes and provide your feedback, here is a quick list of resources and a few of the key elements to consider:


Initial Contest Expansion Proposal - released June 5th

Revised Contest Expansion Proposal - released September 24th

Frequently Asked Questions

Feedback Form


The 2021 International contest in Cleveland will include men’s, women’s and mixed harmony ensembles.

First proposal for how to do this was released June 5 for public comment and feedback.

The project team is working with the goals of “equality in competition and simplicity in execution”.


The revised proposal was released to the public on Tuesday, September 24.

Changes from the original proposal include:

  • Opportunity for district representation at International of the highest-scoring ensemble if none achieve the preliminary qualifying score
  • Three different options for how International medals could be awarded

The Board is asking for feedback on the options for how we award medals and recognize champions at International:

  • Three classifications, five medals each, no overall champion
  • One overall champion, five medals awarded to top scoring ensembles, regardless of classification
  • One overall champion, five medals awarded regardless of classification, three awards to the top scoring ensemble in each classification


A feedback form is available and open to everyone, regardless of membership status or competition experience

While the feedback form is not a vote, the Board will consider all comments in making a final decision

Feedback will be collected until November 1, 2019

The Board will meet in November and consider all feedback

The decision will be announced in early December


The Contest Expansion Proposal addresses International awards only. Districts are encouraged to determine their own awards and criteria as they see fit for their district membership. The proposal details the requirements for qualification for International, which takes place at the district level, but does not propose or require changes to district traditions and current practices.