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Do your customers and colleagues know you barbershop?

Bread & Butter PR: send press releases to your professional networks

Beat the "Hey, I didn't know you sang!" phenomenon by sharing your barbershop stories in your industry and trade publications

Sometimes barbershop itself isn’t the story, but rather, a surprising switch of context. People who know you as a Realtor, for example, might never guess you’re also a world-class singer. Example: Gary Raze, tenor of Social Insecurity (EVG), was nicely profiled in this story on PR Newswire following the quartet’s tenth-place finish at the 2019 International Seniors Quartet Contest.

Actionable public relations is more than home run appearances on TV and big name press. It’s also in the niches of our lives as citizens, workers, and members of clubs, churches and professional organizations.

You probably have access to many channels like this. Your stack of mail will guide you. Look for any of these that run occasional profiles of their members. Hitch your story to the particular interest of the channel.

  • Church newsletter: Your participation in barbershop has philanthropic dimensions. Another way congregation member is a force for good in the world.
  • High school and college alumni magazines: “Hey choir friends! Remember that quartet in the senior concert? That was just the start for me!” Alumni notes are great for these, too
  • Local/regional/national service club magazines (example: The Rotarian): Highlight the similarities of missions.
  • Company newsletter: “Our coworkers have exciting lives outside work. She may look like Brooke from sales on Monday morning, but on Saturday night she was leading a 100-singer chorus at youth barbershop festival.”

… and that’s just a start. Dig - there's someone ready to hear your story.

Brian Lynch is Public Relations Manager for the Barbershop Harmony Society.