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Set the DVR for this Fox News tribute to Tommy Spirito

Set the DVR on Fox News at 4 a.m. Eastern for a moving tribute to recently departed quartet icon Tommy Spirito of the Four Rascals, widely considered one of the greatest quartets never to win.

In the closing moments of “THE FIVE," each of the members has the opportunity to talk about something, not in the headlines, that caught their attention. Tom Shillue, a professional comedian, Society quartetter and frequent Fox News personality, discusses the death of Tommy Spirito and thanks him for teaching him how to sing. There are clips of the Rascals and the Boston Common as well as Tom's own quartet Scollay Square quartet.

Tom Shillue is also famous as bass of The Ragtime Gals, a recurring quartet featuring Jimmy Fallon at lead on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. (Read about it on page 7 of the March/April issue of The Harmonizer,

Thanks, "Montana Jack" for the tip!