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ENCORE: The Standard in Live Entertainment News

Society CEO Marty Monson was featured in a music industry publication. Deep dive into our mission!

Talk to me about the joy of turning a young person on to music. The gift of music is an incredible gift. It really is. It’s something that will live for a lifetime, although they may come in and out of being able to actively participate. But it’s core in discovery. You can see it. You can see it. You don’t have to have someone describe it. It’s part of what happens when you are exposed to great music and the joy of singing. That expression or that visual is why I do my job. It’s why I come to work every day. It is because of all of those lives that, quite frankly, haven’t been given the opportunity to be engaged. I don’t care if you are 8,18 or even a 72-year-old. Frankly, 72-year-olds can still sing pretty well, and they can have a lot of fun, and can have a joy of life through singing and music.

via ENCORE: The Standard in Live Entertainment News.