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Escape TO Your Chapter Meeting

Real life in today’s world can be tough. Wouldn’t you like a little escape from it even for just a few hours? Maybe that escape is your chapter meeting.

Many chapters are taking advantage of being a positive release from everyday life. If you are in a chapter like that, what are some activities that you have incorporated into your meetings to make it just that more inviting, fun, warm and friendly, and a real escape from things for a few hours each week?

I’ll start, talking about my own chapter …

1. We’ve added more “tag time” to the meeting. These are especially a great way to gather everyone back into focus after the break.

2. We have a “Get to know your chorus” section each week. One guy steps in front of the chapter and talks about himself for 3-5 minutes. It’s amazing what I’ve learned about my fellow chorus mates!

3. My most favorite part of chapter meeting is quartet activity each week for about 20 minutes but often close to 30. Also, each guest is given the opportunity to sing in a quartet during that time. Tags, polecats, whatever. He is even asked to sing in that quartet in front of the chapter during the performance time. When I tell other barbershop chapters of this they often find this intimidating, but the guests seem to enjoy and think “that must be the way this thing works!” And it has worked for us for many years (long before the HQ was in Nashville). It is part of the chapter culture.

So share what’s worked in your chapter to add fun, variety, and keep the guys escaping TO your meeting each week.