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Everyone in Harmony means making an impact in the world

Everyone in Harmony means making an impact in the world

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our singing communities are experiencing an unprecedented amount of downtime. A possible silver lining: this could be the perfect time to re-evaluate your future chapter and chorus goals as we anticipate the day we'll be able to gather again and sing.

The Barbershop Harmony Society believes that what we offer – the experience of singing together in harmony – is meaningful to all people, and should therefore be accessible to people in all combinations.

Everyone in Harmony is about welcoming singers, and also about bringing our commitment to harmony and friendship to people who haven’t yet experienced our culture.

There’s no deadline. Change? Stay the same? Wait and see? Your barbershop experience is yours to choose! All groups are part of the future of BHS. Each person, each quartet, and each chapter can find the best mix of singers, songs, and settings for singing together.

Many ways to preserve & encourage

There’s room in the Society for both new and old, change and the status quo. Both equally represent “preservation and encouragement.”

Preserving and creating

  • Preserving an all-male experience AND creating places for all people to share the fun of singing together, in any combination
  • Preserving the old songs of the classic era AND having the same fun singing music from today

Encouraging and welcoming

  • Celebrating the benefits of a traditional social club that sings AND welcoming a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ages
  • Always making music that speaks to audiences honestly and movingly, AND that uplifts and unites

“This is a truly inclusive step forward for the Society. As a member of the queer community, I’m proud that my friends and I can truly feel accepted in the Society.”

- Alex Morris

“Everyone in Harmony means solidifying this bond we have as a barbershop family.”

- Neyla Pekarek

“To me, it means that we’re all a part of this great big family that loves to bring joy and smiles to everyone’s faces.”

- Jamie Patricia

Understand what you want from barbershop — and what it means to your world

Making choices for the future starts with understanding the present.

The Barbershop Harmony Society is here to help

The Healthy Chapter Initiative provides many tools for taking stock of strengths, volunteer resources, and visions for success.

Already, the Leadership Operations Project Team and its 20 Certified Leadership Facilitators have worked with over 100 chapters over the past few years to help them find their identity. For questions about about this program, reach out to today to talk with a facilitator about how they can help your chapter in your journey of self-discovery.

The Chapter Considerations Guide provides starting points for your chapter leadership as you determine for yourself your chapter’s identity. Email for assistance.

Reach out today to get started!