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Hall of Fame Selection Process and Committee Information

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Hall of Fame Committee Information

The Hall of Fame Committee is responsible for the selection of individuals and ensembles to be named as members of the Society Hall of Fame.

The duties of the committee shall be:

  1. To select individuals and ensembles for membership in the Society Hall of Fame pursuant to criteria and procedures established below.
  2. To recommend for adoption by the Society Board of Directors criteria and procedures pertaining to selection to the Society Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame Eligibility

Eligibility for consideration into the Hall of Fame:

  1. When an individual or ensemble is under consideration for contributions to the Society, the individual or ensemble shall usually have at least ten years or more of such contributions. Exceptions because of injury, illness, or death are permitted.
  2. Any living or deceased individual or ensemble to include Society staff members, is eligible for nomination.
  3. Any quartet or ensemble is eligible for nomination, either by quartet name/member names, or by the current name of the ensemble.
  4. In the event of an ensemble that has been selected for nomination and selection into the Hall of Fame changed members, all former and current members may be inducted at the discretion of the committee.

Hall of Fame Selection Criteria

Selection criteria:

  1. The criteria for selection include the general categories of music and administration/leadership.
  2. In the area of music, contributions in judging, arranging, composing, chorus directing, coaching, and singing would be important.
  3. Administration/leadership would include service as an officer, advisor, near and long-range planner, writer, or editor.
  4. Philanthropy, defined as financial contributions, would normally not be the basis for selection to the Hall of Fame.

Nominations may be made by any Society member and submitted to the Hall of Fame Committee. Any ensemble nomination is considered a nomination of the entity and not of its individuals.


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