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How To Socialize: Member Spotlight

Most of us have seen reality shows. They're hard to miss in today's world. What these shows do best is highlight the background stories of the characters so, we as viewers, have an emotional connection. We feel like we know these people. We root for them to win! This idea is similar to what I'm seeing a few of our chapters doing in social media.

A new trend for barbershop choruses on Facebook is the "Member Spotlight" and I LOVE IT. What a great, simple way to give recognition and an "atta boy" to dedicated and talented chapter guys. As a chapter, you're basically saying "We so proud of our members we want thousands of other people to see how awesome they are, too." I've seen the Voices of Gotham, Westminster Chorus, and Vocal Evolution (BHA) starting this trend. Each and every one of them has their own specific style matching the chapter's personality.

Want to see examples? Check out:

Voices of Gotham Spotlight

Westminster Chorus Spotlight

Vocal Evolution (BHA) Spotlight

What are YOU doing? Let us know in the comments below!


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