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Barbershop Concert comes to American Busker iHeart radio

Barbershop Concert launches on American Busker iHeart radio

American Busker Radio, an indie channel on iHeart Radio, launches a daily block of barbershop harmony

With more than 150 million registered users and distribution on 260 platforms and thousands of devices, iHeart Radio is the largest media company in the U.S. -- and barbershop has found a home there, on American Busker Radio, a 24/7 channel.

Nancy Hahn, CEO/Founder of American Busker iHeartRadio, describes it as an eclectic lineup, with a focus on independent artists and music not commonly heard on the radio — and genres that are underserved. "Our listeners come to explore -- to expand their ears and minds. I can pretty much guarantee you'll find things you like and have never heard on the radio because they simply aren't played on the radio."

"Some of our artists have literally learned their craft by busking--by street performance. These are unique voices you can't easily slot into any one genre, so we really open up new possibilities." (Indeed, the channel appears in the iHeart channel directory under rock, alternative, variety and mix categories.)

The current plan at launch is for 90-minute blocks of barbershop to run twice daily at 7:00 am and 7:00 pm (Eastern), with the potential for additional content sprinkled throughout the rotation.

iHeart Radio offers free and subscription listening plans; for a full list of devices (IOS, Android, Amazon, Roku... all of them!) and ways to listen, visit or

"Barbershop is a great musical art form with a fascinating history, that truly inspires and entertains. American Busker iHeartRadio is delighted to Bring People Together in Harmony, with this special concert series."

— Nancy Hahn

"We're excited for barbershop to take its place in the line up of authentic, independent artists. The sound of music made with voices alone stands out in today's landscape, and we know it will intrigue and delight millions of listeners through American Busker iHeart Radio."

— Marty Monson