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Important Changes to Chapter Billing

The Barbershop Harmony Society will be sending chapter bills and statements for insurance for January 1, 2018, through January 1, 2019, to all U.S. and Canadian Chapters.
New this year, chapter treasurers will be receiving an email bill/statement for payment. We will not be sending a printed/mailed copy. However, if your chapter treasurer does not have an email address, we will send a printed/mailed copy. 

This change will be for all future bills and statements through the Barbershop Harmony Society. It is important that your chapter treasurer is properly listed in the Member Center with an active email address. (Don't have an email address? Consider creating a free account with Gmail or Yahoo) 
For this year, if a chapter does not receive their chapter bill/statement by Friday, February 9, 2018, they should contact our offices at or 800.876.7464 x4119.
As a reminder, ALL chapters (U.S. and Canadian) are required to be enrolled with our general liability and accident insurance. Property insurance is optional coverage. If you are enrolled in our property insurance program, you should have already received your bill/statement for that coverage. If you haven’t, please contact
For descriptions of coverage please visit our online Document Center here:
IMPORTANT NOTE: We are working on solutions to accept payment of insurance online (credit card/debit card, bank draft, etc.) Unfortunately, today, BHS can only accept check/cheque payments for insurance from chapters. There is no additional processing fee for submitting a check/cheque for chapter-related billing (like there is for membership applications).
Payment of Society Bills is considered a matter of compliance. Chapters have 30 days after receiving a bill/statement from the Barbershop Harmony Society for payment. According to our policies, if a chapter fails to remit payment, it is grounds for suspension of their chapter charter.