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In memoriam: Dan "Fair Weather" Henry Bowser

Dan Henry, veteran Society emcee and quartet funny man, died February 28 in his suburban Kansas City home of complications from emphysema. He was 89. Dan had received the 2014 BHS Dave LaBar Emcee Award at the Las Vegas Convention last summer. His picture had appeared in the most recent Harmonizer as he received his 67-year Society membership card from the other three members of his senior comedy quartet, Tone-Henge.  Ol’ Dan was better known as baritone of the Merry Mugs, one of the first Society quartets to represent the BHS on USO tours of the Far East; the bass of the Mugs was later Society Prez Bob Gall, who also sang with Dan in Hubbub. In addition to emceeing more than a dozen international conventions and countless Central States District shows and contests, Dan (born Dan Henry Bowser in Coffeyville, Kansas) was a former junior high science teacher in Topeka, where he once led a junior high barbershop chorus that included Greg Lyne. He became a radio personality at WIBW radio in Topeka, then WDAF-AM radio in Kansas City before joining WDAF-TV, where for years he made weather fun and interesting.  He retired in 1992. Dan is survived by his wife, Esytl, sons Brian and Brad and daughter Kat. After his picture in the Harmonizer, he wrote his beloved Heart of America Chorus, which he directed in the early 1970s, “I am so proud of my now 68 Society years because of the friendships formed by the finest hobby in the world.” Memorials are requested to Harmony Foundation International.
--by Jim Bagby