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Insider's Travel Guide to Las Vegas -

We all know the 2014 Convention in Las Vegas will be a bangeroo of all things barbershop. We all know that Las Vegas is, well,  LAS GOSH-DARN VEGAS, with an infinite number of indulgences, shows, games, and so on.

But while you're planning your trip, you might also consider a few not-so-evident activities, unearthed by The Wall Street Journal:

Earth-Moving Experience // Dig This. I held the best birthday party of my life at this 5-acre sandbox for adults. You dig holes and fill them in with real construction equipment. It's exhilarating to teeter like a 20,000-pound ballerina on a mound of earth. Magic Show // Mac King. The best comedy magician in Vegas. He'll fool you with fantastically original tricks using rain ponchos and Fig Newtons and tents. Take the kids. Take the grandparents. Take the smart-ass teens. National Atomic Testing Museum. Learn about America's nuclear arsenal from the museum displays—and the docents, many of whom witnessed the test blasts that took place just 65 miles outside of town.

via Insider's Travel Guide to Las Vegas -