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Judging Categories: Choose your depth of study

Whether you need a cursory overview or a plunge into the depths of judging, your Society Contest and Judging Committee hopes to make it easier to understand the judging system. Committee Chair Kevin Keller introduces some new ways to learn about what those judges are really looking for:

Have you ever thought “what in the heck does that category actually judge?”?  Other than a brief paragraph offered, you have had to wade through that Category Description and, after 10-12 pages, you find yourself still in the same spot you were in!!! The Society Contest and Judging Committee (SCJC) recognized that there was an opportunity to better explain exactly what the three categories are judging.  SCJC also recognized that there are differences in how much detail people want.

Check out the C&J website for some modifications.

For each scoring category, there is a “nutshell” of what that category judges.  If you want more information, click and that is expanded to a paragraph.  If that’s not enough, then you can download a 2-3 page discussion of the category.  No judge-speak but written for all readers (competitors and others interested).  THEN, if you want more information, you can download the C&J Handbook and read the Category Description.


Kevin Keller, SCJC Chair 2012-2015