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Leaving Belmont for Loyola

Leaving Belmont for Loyola

Why Harmony University 2022 will change venues

After a fruitful seven-year residency at Nashville’s Belmont University, the Barbershop Harmony Society will hold its premier education events in a venue: Loyola University New Orleans, in the birthplace of barbershop harmony itself.

Although BHS was eager to return to Belmont University, circumstances have changed. Due to evolving needs at Belmont, Harmony University, along with many other external summer programs, will not be returning to Belmont University in 2022. Belmont’s Senior Director of Auxiliary Services, Keith Chapman, provided the following statement about their 2022 summer plans:

“Belmont University has enjoyed our seven-year relationship with the Barbershop Harmony Society and particularly with hosting Harmony University. We are grateful for the opportunity to help provide enrichment opportunities while on campus. Belmont’s summer-long academic programs have grown in recent years and necessitate the use of academic and residential space previously allocated to Harmony University and several other long-term external partners. Thus, beginning in the summer of 2022, the university will no longer offer the use of these spaces to external programs. We have provided notice to all affected organizations as promptly as possible so that they can begin making alternate plans.

“We pray for continuing success for The Barbershop Harmony Society.

“On a personal note, I will miss the harmony—in music and deed—that you brought to campus. I wish you the very best for the future.”

While the Barbershop Harmony Society was excited to return to Belmont University, we are now even more excited at the new opportunity of a new location!

BHS Announces the Location of Harmony University in 2022!